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Welcome to Elif Foods, where we take pride in our extensive range of Halal frozen products. Each product is carefully crafted to meet the desires of our customers, with authenticity, convenience, quality ingredients, and Halal values at the core.

Our aim is to provide consumers with high-quality Halal frozen options, allowing them to effortlessly enjoy flavorful and authentic Halal dishes in the comfort of their own homes.

We understand that customers are seeking tasty solutions that are quick and easy to prepare, which is why we produce a diverse range to meet these needs.

What sets our range apart is not only the Halal certification but also the thoughtfully selected ingredients and authentic flavors we offer. Our products are curated with attention to detail, resulting in an unparalleled taste experience.

our Story

The story of Elif Foods began in a small family owned butcher shop in Berlin. Mehmet, inspired by the flavors of his father’s butcher shop and fueled by a fiery passion for kebabs, carefully distributed his kebab skewers to various kebab shops across the city.

In 1993, Mehmet brought his culinary journey to the Netherlands, establishing himself as the very first kebab producer there. It was a place where the art of crafting kebabs thrived. In 1994, Mehmet reached another milestone by opening his own döner kebab shop in the charming Korenmarkt in Arnhem. Although the idea of a retail brand had been brewing since 1994,

Elif Foods officially emerged as a retail brand in 2013, led by the next generation. Elif Foods derives its name from grandma and produces Halal burgers, Adana kebabs, Döner kebabs, and various Halal snack products.

The factory in Zevenaar still embodies Mehmet’s dedication, while the second modern facility in Emmerich, inaugurated in 2019, speaks to the growing popularity of Elif Foods. Today, Elif Foods continues to honor its origins, crafting delicious products with care and sharing its culinary heritage with the world. 

Family Business

Elif Foods brings an authentic and familial taste to your freezer. As pioneers of the first kebab company in the Netherlands, with real Turkish roots and original recipes from grandma. Taste with us the true origin of flavorful traditions.

100% Halal

Trust Elif Foods for Halal quality that is always guaranteed. Every product, Turkish or international, meets strict Halal standards, allowing consumers to enjoy with peace of mind.

Fast & Convenient

Elif Foods represents consumer convenience, not just with wraps, but with every product. Whether it's our Kebab meal wraps or other options, enjoy the convenience of delicious meals without compromising on quality.


Elif Foods brings premium delight to the freezer at a fair price. Experience taste with a high meat content in our products.

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